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02/25/2018 21:45The Forced Witnesses: The Russians Who Watched The Nazi Killings    ( Forward )
Rostov-on-Don is currently a large metropolis in Central Russia. This was the first time I had gone so deep into Russia. The city is pretty, with big boulevards, wide sidewalks, and intense traffic. In late September, a warm wind still blows over the Azov Sea. On the day of our arrival, we were welcomed by ...
02/23/2018 14:15Moscow airports grew at different pace in January 2018    ( )
Among other contributing factors are the fleet expansion effort of Russia's only LCC Pobeda Airline, which allowed the carrier to broaden its route network and ... Domestically, the gateway served 944,400 passengers (up 17.9%), with St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Makhachkala, Rostov-on-Don, and ...
02/23/2018 04:40The search for dead Russian mercenaries in Syria    ( Brinkwire (press release) )
Human rights activists suspect that the bodies may have been taken from Syria to a particular morgue in Rostov-on-Don, which is the largest of its kind in Russia. DNA tests can also be carried out there. The large hangars with cold rooms for 400 corpses were built during the Second Chechen War.
02/22/2018 22:30We're In: Prime Shipping Foundation Wants Its Own Cryptocurrency    ( Bitsonline )
A month back, PSF already settled the first freight deal in bitcoin by shipping 3,000 tons of wheat from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, to Samsun, Turkey. The deal was part of the PSF's pilot program that is experimenting with cryptocurrency settlements for the shipping industry. Although the shipper invoiced the ...
02/22/2018 20:35Budget carrier flydubai sees profits and revenue increase    ( The San Diego Union-Tribune )
Budget carrier flydubai said Wednesday its earnings and profits have increased, with revenue reaching 5.5 billion dirhams ($1.5 billion) in 2017 compared to 5 billion dirhams ($1.37 billion) in 2016. Profits for the Dubai-based airline reached 37.3 million dirhams ($10 million) last year, up from 31.6 ...
02/21/2018 18:25Budget carrier flydubai sees profits and revenue increase    ( Austin American-Statesman )
In this Oct. 27, 2010 file photo, a Boeing 737 being delivered to FlyDubai is seen in Seattle. Budget carrier FlyDubai said Wednesday its earnings and profits have increased, with revenue reaching 5.5 billion dirhams ($1.5 billion) in 2017 compared to 5 billion dirhams ($1.37 billion) in 2016.
02/18/2018 07:20News about plane crash in Rostov-on-Don not true    ( TASS )
Earlier, some media outlets released news that a passenger airlines vanished from radars near Rostov-on-Don. Online posts said that the plane was allegedly bound for Dubai. The Russian Investigative Committee rejected the reports as well. "There emerged information that a plane disappeared from ...
02/17/2018 04:25Iced sensors likely cause of Russian plane crash    ( ExpressNewsline )
... a technical malfunction or complications due to bad weather. In December 2016, a military plane carrying Russia's Red Army Choir went down near the black sea resort of Sochi. Earlier that year in March, another jet crashed during an aborted landing at Rostov-on-Don airport, killing all 62 on board.
02/15/2018 22:40Investigation underway to find out cause of Russian plane crash    ( GkMen )
... from the crash site, Russia's Emergencies Ministry reported. A source from Russian emergency services informed Interfax that the 71 people on board "had no chance" of survival. In March 2016, a Boeing 737-800 flown by FlyDubai crashed while landing at Rostov-on-Don, killing all 62 people aboard.
02/15/2018 16:40United Kingdom govt unveils software to counteract online extremism    ( GkMen )
"Consumers. care about fraudulent practice, fake news, and Russians influencing the USA election", he said at a digital advertising conference, according to excerpts of a speech provided by Unilever. She said: "The technology is there". He added: "If there are online hosting platforms in the Middle East ...
02/15/2018 13:25According to IDC, Essential shipped less than 90000 phones in 2017    ( GkMen )
It goes without saying that nobody expected the Essential Phone to steal customers from Apple and Samsung on its first attempt but the numbers show that it's going to be a very hard task for the company to compete in this space. Both Apple and Samsung dominance the market right now, with Apple ...
02/15/2018 13:25Ice on speed sensors may have caused Russian plane crash    (Brinkwire (press release))
71 people killed in plane crash near Moscow - Brinkwire (press release)
02/14/2018 01:20Faulty speed indicators suspected as cause of Russian plane crash    (Brinkwire (press release))
Russian airliner crashes moments after takeoff, killing 71 - Brinkwire (press release)
02/13/2018 22:25Investigators search snow for clues to deadly Russian plane crash    (Gulf Times)
Investigators search snow for clues to Russian plane crash - Gulf Times
02/13/2018 19:25Russia Plane Crash: Investigators Hunt For Clues    (Firstpost)
Russia plane crash: Investigators considering human error, technical failure and weather as ... - Firstpost
02/13/2018 10:40The Most Interesting Man in the World Dies at Age 91    ( American Council on Science and Health )
But life in Russia was quite a bit different, at least if one avoided Stalin's bad side. My grandfather was born in 1926 in Rostov-on-Don, a port city close to the Black Sea. His mother was a waitress and rather popular with the boys, so my grandfather never knew his dad. He also didn't particularly care for ...
02/13/2018 07:45Investigators hunt for clues over Russian passenger plane crash    (Pakistan Today)
At least 71 people are dead after a plane crashed near Moscow - Pakistan Today
02/13/2018 01:25Throughput of Russian seaports in January 2018 grew by 2.4% YoY to 61.9 million tonnes ...    ( PortNews IAA )
In January 2018, seaports of Russia handled 61.9 million tonnes of cargo (up 2.4%, year-on-year), says press center of the Association of Commercial ... 1.3 million tonnes (-23.8%), Taman - 1.0 million tonnes (-16.9%), Rostov-on-Don - 1.0 million tonnes (+12.3%), Kerch - 0.6 million tonnes (-12.6%).
02/13/2018 01:25British Airways pilot, allegedly drunk, taken off plane    ( WPXI Pittsburgh )
Instead, Abbas will meet with Putin in Moscow in the latter part of Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies. The An-148 was ... In March 2016, a Boeing 737-800 flown by FlyDubai crashed while landing at Rostov-on-Don, killing all 62 people aboard. An onboard bomb ...
02/13/2018 01:25No Survivors After Plane With 71 Passengers Aboard Crashes Near Moscow    (The Tribune)
71 die in Russia crash - The Tribune


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